My dream is turning into a reality

Mazzy Florence became a big dream of mine a few years back when my husband and I started growing our own family.  My education and prior career in the fashion industry, which then took a change of direction, I went into HR, Corporate Recruiting.  For the last 4 years, I have been raising our two girls and I had our 3rd child almost 5 weeks ago( which is a little boy)! We moved to Charleston, SC from Chicago about 7 years ago, which was a big culture shock, but has been an amazing decision.  After having two pregnancies where I had a hard time finding garments that made me feel beautiful on the outside and pulled together with ease we decided I should start a business to do what I love most. Helping other women look great and giving other mamas/mamas-to-be what I wish someone would have done for me. When we found out I was carrying a boy I decided to name this company what we would have named this baby if it had been a girl. 


Our main goal is to help you create a wardrobe that helps you feel beautiful on the outside while you are doing one of the most beautiful things in life, creating life! As we grow so will the experiences we will be able to offer and different garments, But you will always be our main focus as we as mothers tend to always put others first. 


XOXO Julia

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